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End of line

"Please, stop fighting me for one minute and tell me what do you want?!"

"Release me. I´ll kill you if you don´t. I´m not what you´re looking for."

"Please, I can´t keep doing this. Just tell me; if it hurts too much, if you can´t remember... if you don´t want to remenber... to remenber me... Then we can stop it all now. I can´t keep going without you. Just tell me... Is this the end?"

"Would you kill me if I told you yes?"

"...if that´s your answer, I´ll do it; but you can´t let me live either. We both die or we both live."

"You... always played dirty... punk."

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Ooooh, that last line! Such economy of words, how beautiful.

Yeay, thank you.

Economy it seems to be the mood of this season... mainly, I think, because I have to little time that it is what it comes and not much else. College isn´t going to win this time around so hence the emergency writing on spare pagesXD

Going back to study, my "lovely" Ricoeur´s text isn´t going to read itself.

PS: I´m kind of developing a fetish with Sebastian Stan´s sad look.

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