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Team work

"They are doing it again..."

"Mmmh, what are you talking about?"

"I know is 4 fucking AM but you´re not blind. Just look at the camp´s edge. They are there. Again."

"... Oh... yeah. Fuck. I wanted that extra hour sleeping..."

"Jesus, do you think they are going to realize what they do someday? Keeping others from finding them every morning is very annoying when WE KNOW THEY ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING."

"Shhh, you´re yelling again. Remember. This is like any other Commando´s work. We want to keep our sargent with us and we need our captain happy. Go wake up Morita, is his turn to help us."

"Yeah, yeah. But, I still think we should had told them. It´s been YEARS."

"...Calm down. First we capture Zola and then we´re going to talk about our little drama. Keep to the plan. All is going to be fine."

"... Right... fuck. I´m going to wake up Morita before somebody else see our Sargent falling sleep on our Captain."

"Go. I´m taking north."

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Oh, isn't Kaciart's art incredibly inspiring? She's done a lot of Thorin/Bilbo too and it leaves me delirious. And hee, I love overheard conversations like this one and filling in the missing information! Lovely!

I didn´t know she does Thilbo fanart... damn it I´m going to check that... to hurt myself probablyXD

Do you remember that B5 episode where the main characters were 2 mecanics or something. They were working all day and just commenting when they saw all the important people going and doing the political stuff. I LOVED it.

I mean... they were us. They are always us. And we are important to the development of the story/history. That´s all.

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