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"This isn´t what I wanted... You´re not a prisioner!"

"It has to be done."

"No. You didn´t kill me last time. You still don´t know me. You still don´t know yourself, but you´ll not kill me. I trust you."

"You can´t!... I´m not him... I´m never going to be him....... you don´t want me."

"Stop it! You are him. You are YOU. You don´t remember me and yet you keep thinking about what´s best for me. Just like you did before. I want you by my side. That´s your place. Just like my place is besides you. Now stop being an idiot and let me hug you. Please."

"... I... this can´t... I´m not..."

"Please... I have enough trust for both of us...You don´t need to believe me right now... but, please, let me..."

"... yes."

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UGH, ugh, That whole "I'm a different person, I'm not him" thing is so painful, and you draw it out so well... *sobbing*

And yet Steve doesn't care. Because he knows what other people denies: He' s not the same either. The fact that remains unchanged is they' re  still the only family they have...well, in movieverse at leastXD

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