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And we will call it this land by Konoyo and Microsaur
Inception/Firefly Fanfic.

I don´t even know how I found myself with this pairing again, but once I heard about the Arthur/Eames fandom I couldn´t unsee it in the movie the next time I saw it... and the next and the next. Damn it. The only "romance" I saw the first time was between Dom and Mal and that was fine.

That doesn´t mean I don´t like this pairing even if it´s based just on the 3 or 4 sarcastic dialogues they shared. Because I can see the potential there. Damn again.

I´m reading this between my study hours as a prize for a good day of burning my eyes reading really serious and academic themes... I´m in the half of the book and it´s awesome.



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