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I don't know why I'm doing this
Today isn't a good day. I should be crying but I can't so I pretend I'm fine with everything as it IS. It's not true.But I can't change anything nor run away because somebody must pick all the broken pieces. Fuck. Really, how do I fix THIS if I feel my life IS too broken too?

At least when my students are broken sometimes I can fix a bit of their lives. I have tools to help. There isn' t help for me. Fuck all. I'm going to cry in the bathroom and then keep going as always.

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*hugs* I don't have anything much else to give, so I hope virtual hugs help!

Broken people help fix broken lives all the time, and...maybe it can help everyone feel less broken all around? I hope so, at least. You don't have to have your life perfectly together, you're amazing as is.

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