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The best of times

He had almost lived all his adult life working for HYDRA and being paid by SHIELD for half of that time. That fact alone, had always made him smile in the mornings. There´s something beautiful in being friendly with Captain America just knowing how his revered Peggy Carter just FAILED in fullfilling all her dreams. Dreams built in his name. He thought there wasn´t nothing better than that irony.

He was wrong.

This is the best.

When he was asigned to the asset´s handler team and he saw for the first time the cryogenic unit and the chair, when he realized WHO was the asset... the others didn´t knew who was the the dark haired man with the cibernetc arm, idiots all of them. There´s a reason why he´s the boss right hand. Well, that and the fact that both of them share the same hate for Steve Rogers and the same... hobbies.

There´s nothing better than to play with the asset after a sesion with the chair, play for hours and then send him to "sleep".

There´s something beautiful in the knowledge of what the asset dreams under the ice until hes woken up; his mind won´t remember after a whiping but after his missions are completed, and he´s got permission to play, the asset´s body always remembers.

But the best of all is knowing all those beautiful details and smiling to the Captain every morning.

God, I think I made myself sick trying to write using this kind of headspace...

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Eeek! *hides* This must not have been a pleasant headspace to get into, that's for sure...

The worst is, I started with the idea of Rumlow just smiling to steve drinking coffe after a mission. Thinking on that image... it was supposed to be just that.

Then it got worse when it ocurred to me that after a mission Bucky´s always whipped and he´s scared, vulnerable and in pain. I can´t imagine somebody like Rumlow not taking the chance to play with someone so powerful and completely on his mercy...

This kind of fucker get off on fear, pain and domination. He would take the chance if he got one.

I didn´t like it. I made me feel uncomfortable but mostly because sometimes I would like to pretend that in real life, people doesn´t do worse things to other people.

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