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Are you there?

Sometimes I dream I'm on the mountains looking to the sky and wishing I could reach the sky. I feel like you are always there, between the stars and so far away. I feel alone and I hate it. I scream to the sky. To you. Why are you there when I need you here? When I want you here with me. Then I wake up and I' m still alone on my bed. Sometimes I get up to look to the sky wishing you were there.
I try to remember you always come back from the stars...but how can I compite with them? How do I make myself not to be afraid of you leaving, when you did it before?

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What a beautiful picture! And yet somehow I can understand how it would inspire such a lonely reflection... Too many stars, too far away!

Well.. I liked the photo and I didn' t know what I wanted to do with it when I started writing... And then they began to shift. It kind of surprised me when they ended. This picture challenge is working at least.

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