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Fly wity me

"why are you so angry?"
"I am not angry. This is my face!"
"I' m not talking about your face. You look angry because you' re on fire ... And that my friend is built with tree corpses... So, why are you angry?"
".... It is not anger..."
"Why are you sad then?"
"There is not stoping your questions without eating you...?"
"Not really. I' m a dove. We fly and are silly. I'm also curious and want to be your friend."
".... I am sad because I lost somebody I loved since birth. We lived in danger for years. We won the war... I thought we had more years... She died on tis day.... Fifty years ago. Her children are dying too... Soon there will be nobody remembering her but me..."
"Oh... I' sorry... Maybe you would like to talk about her and your lives with me? I'm a silly bird but I like to fly... Come to fly with me and tell me your memories. I'll remember with you until you find a new friend. She is not really dead if you talk about her. Come? The sky is perfect today."
"If I say no you will not give up?"
"No. I told you. I'm just a sily bird."
"Fine. We can fly... And I was not to burn the castle if you must know. She liked it. It was built by her archer."
"Tell me more while we fly!"
"She disliked him at first sight, but se disliked all men at that age..."

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"Not really. I' m a dove. We fly and are silly."

"No. I told you. I'm just a sily bird."

I love your dove's voice! It sounds exactly right and very...Zen somehow? Perfect for the tone.

Well I don' really know what I wanted with the dove I just wanted to make the dragon a bit less sad. Sometimes simple things in life are the best, right? I' m happy it came as Zen!

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