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What? I can´t read anything without thinking if I could use it to write something....?!
It seems the answers is NO.

Everything can be used and I like this quote from Josep Fontana, by the way the translation is mine, so do not trust itXD

" the change on attitude of the men coming back from a senseless and bloody war, men demanding their right to a better and more just society, as had been promised for years of fighting fraternity in the trenches (...) after a war nothing is the same as before. The men who have faced death return from the trenches with a changed mind which does not accept the old values, and it´s necessary to speak to them in a new language (.. .) "</ i>

This obviously doesn´t gave me any advantage for my exams but it was interesting to read anyway.

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Is this about World War I? It certainly has that kind of feeling (one of the most senseless of wars, not that any of them really have sense...)

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