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What? I can´t read anything without thinking if I could use it to write something....?!
It seems the answers is NO.

Everything can be used and I like this quote from Josep Fontana, by the way the translation is mine, so do not trust itXD

" the change on attitude of the men coming back from a senseless and bloody war, men demanding their right to a better and more just society, as had been promised for years of fighting fraternity in the trenches (...) after a war nothing is the same as before. The men who have faced death return from the trenches with a changed mind which does not accept the old values, and it´s necessary to speak to them in a new language (.. .) "</ i>

This obviously doesn´t gave me any advantage for my exams but it was interesting to read anyway.

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Tecnically the author was writng about the social changes between wars,in particular, and how those afected social scieces. Traditional history dind't explain the world anymore, hence the new movements toward social history outside of university. It's a basic book about the history of historyXD
It remembered me a bit of what I want to explain about Steve, he went to war hoping for a better world,lost everything in there and "come" back to a different world but not different enough. It' s PTSD, broken heart and disappointment. He can' t be the same.

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